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Calendar Not Showing by Default for Date Prompt

We have 4.3 SP03 Patch 5 installed in our test environment. I came across an odd issue in Web Intelligence which I have reduced to this. In a free-hand SQL query when prompting for a date I do not get the calendar by default. Instead, I get this…

If I click the icon indicated with the arrow the calendar does come up.

Here is my simple free-hand SQL statement…

SELECT @Prompt('Enter Date (FHSQL):','D',,Mono,Free,Not_Persistent,,User:0) AS [Prompted Date]

I get the same thing when I click the icon to choose a date in the Query Panel of a universe query…


This is not happening in our 4.3 SP02 Patch 8 production environment.

This is not a show stopper, but annoying for sure.

Am I doing something wrong? Any way to fix this aside from installing the latest patch?



it’s not a bug, it’s a feature :wink:

Note 3383625

Nice find. Not an improvement in my opinion.

Here is the link if anyone else wants to read the background (SAP login required).


4.3 is a release designed to reduce your productivity
In other words, why use one click when 3 clicks will do the same job
The non display of the calendar widget is nonsense

Here’s another one for you:
Try and right click on a table in 4.3 SP03 and let me know how you get on?

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Yeah, they changed the order of the clicks. In 4.3 SP03, the first click on a table will give you focus on whatever cell you clicked on. A second click will give you focus on the table. Previous to 4.3 SP03 it was the opposite. I can live with that once you know what is going on. But why change it? What was the problem?

I think it is a bug. 100%

I watched a SAP support consultant try to right click on the table unsuccessfully for 15 minutes on a Teams call.
Eventually he stumbled across the workaround of double clicking the header which selects the table.
Then you can right click,
He presented this as standard functionality
I asked him to show the documentation to support this workflow.
A week later, a KBA is created with the new workflow

It’s the thin end of the wedge- turning bugs into documented features.

SAP Support has taken a dramatic nosedive in quality in the last 6 months.