Calculation Contexts - Count Where


I am creating a report that displays dates and then a calculated time diff for an employee. I have made it so, if the time diff is over 2:00:00 then it gets highlighted.

What I am trying to do is have a second report that is almost like a summary. For this report, I want to count the number of days an employee went over 2:00:00 hours.

Example 2

However, I cannot figure out how to count up the days over 2 hrs from the first report over to the second. I think I need some type of calculation context but I cannot figure it out. I’ve tried a few things but can’t get it.

I’ve tried

=Count([Time Diff])Where([Time Diff]>=“02:00:00”)

but that just brings back 1 for every employee. Do I need to add something about IN REPORT?

Any help would be appreciated.


=Count([Time Diff]) …

if you want to count the days …
… you have to count the days :wink: with count([route date]) …

and perhaps adding the calc-context in([Employee]), depending on the fields/layout of your report


If I use:

=Count([Route Date])Where([Time Diff]>=“02:00:00”)In([Employee])

Some of them count the total days even if they weren’t over 2 hours and some are blank.

How do I specify it needs to come from the first report?

did you try to move parenthesis for setting a different input-calc-context?

Count( … ) Where ( … ) …
Count( … Where … ) …

I ended up getting it to work with the following:

Count([Route Date]Where ([Time Diff]>“02:00:00”))

Thanks for the ideas!

Also, this post helped me understand calc context better.