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Calculate a difference value in a cross tab

Hi all,

I have this cross tab report showing a metric by week number and by year, comparing 2023 to 2024 as required. Does anyone know of a solution to be able to show the week, year on year values with a percentage growth/increase value?
The picture at the top shows the current cross tab but I can’t easily add in another row and the picture below shows what we are trying to achieve but that was done manually so we want to avoid manual intervention each week. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you.

use RelativeValue() or Previous() in a variable to get the comparison value
concatenate Year + Week to a new value ( eg. “202301” ) substract 100 from this value to get the corresponding attribute
then calculate the difference in a variable
and insert “week” , “year”, “difference” into your cross tab (as in screen 1)
set the title of “year”-column as “year” + ‘Wk’ + “week”
and finally hide the “week”-row

maybe a solution would be to calculate the relative difference by using a where condition in each of the formula elements, such as [Year] where([Year]=max([Year] in report))
the week attribute could be added as column to the crosstab as single variable when merged for the two years