Business Objects 4.2 SP7 patch 5 does not support IE 11 on users machine


We have upgraded from BO 4.1 to Business Objects 4.2 SP7 patch 5.

User can login in launchpad using custom application url with Internet Explorer 11 and enterprise authentication​, but the report will not render and display output and it displays nothing.

Where as user can login and view the report output in chrome using enterprise authentication. Also, he was using the same link and IE browser without any issue prior to upgrade. He wants the same functionality.

Also, I can login the same custom url using enterprise authentication and see the report output in IE 11 on the VDI without any issue where as the user uses his laptop directly without VDI

Please assist me in this regard i.e. how to make it work in IE11.


IE has been flaky for a while. A couple of things you can try.
Have them clear their browser cache. Sometimes things get gummed up in there.
Check their Zoom percentage. It must be at 100% for Business Objects to work. I’ve seen this setting interfere with a lot of things that it shouldn’t. The same thing applies to the Windows text size, it needs to be set at 100%.

Users like to change these based on the size of the screen they are using, especially laptop users.

You may also want to verify that the user is using the HTML viewer and not the applet (Preferences > Web Intelligence)

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What is the behavior in edge?