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Bulk import users in BI4.1 - status pending

Hello everyone,

I am working on a quite old webi installation in 4.1sp7 and I need to lock some users which did not connect for a while.
For another company I already used the bulk import with the csv which I know can suits my need, but here I am stuck. The job remains in “Pending” status.
I thought the related server was the LCM one but it’s already activated.

Do you know which server/service can be checked in order to solve this ?
I manage this platform only for a couple of month so I am not aware of what has been done in the past, but in the history I can see that bulk users import had already been performed.

Many thanks for you help !


It could be hung up because your users already exist. I’m not sure though as I’ve never looked at this option as we interface with Windows Active Directory.

Check out this blog post, How to Auto-Disable Inactive Users in BI4. We’ve been using this for years even though we stopped it from actually disabling users a while ago. It works great. Even if you don’t disable any users, it can give you a nice cvs output of when you users logged in last. And it’s automated so you don’t have to worry about any bulk imports.