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Building queries from BI 4.0


I create the monthly statistic on the number of users in the BO that have been added, the number of WI reports created, executed… etc… using Query Builder for BO XI 3.1. We are upgrading to BI 4.0 and I need to know the comparable application for BI 4.0 to use to create the monthly statistic. I am not sure if the ‘Query as a web service designed’ is the right application and if it is the right one, how to use it. Can anyone help me or point me in the right direction. When we cut over I would like to continue to report the monthly statistic. Query Builder would not allow me to perform the monthly statistic for BI 4.0. Thanks anybody out there for their help.

Patricia Greene
BI 4.0 - Web Intelligent.

patg (BOB member since 2010-12-07)