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BOXI 4.3 wdelpoy using websphere 9

using websphere 9.0.5 with BOXI 4.3 and deploying WebApps(hopefully) into WebSphere
Standard BOXI install, deselected tomcat on install.

ran the wdeploy for predeployall websphere9 -Das_virtual_host=IPAddress predeployall
no errors

when running websphere9 -Das_instance=TRIADServer1 -Das_virtual_host=IPAddress -Das_profile_name=AppSrv01 -Das_soap_port=8880 -Das_admin_username=wasadmin -Das_admin_password=wasadmin deployonlyall
it errors as it cannot connect to WebSphere

  1. the user name and password, is this the username for the WAS Admin console or the WAS installation?
  2. WebSphere and Business Objects are installed and owned by a different RHEL user id. Does this matter?