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BOE 4.2 IPS and Dataservices 4.2 Trying to Create a Repository and get Http Status 500-Internal Server Error

Hi All,

I encountered an error whereby I Installed
BOE IPS 4.2 SP9 and
Data services v14.2.14.2660 on
Windows Server 2022 Datacenter with
Microsoft SQL 2019 Express Edition
and when you go into CMC > Data Services > Repositories > Configure repository, I go through the motions with the connection details and then click create,

I get: Http Status 500-Internal Server Error

Does anyone know how do I fix this problem?

What I have tried so far
I have run Repairs on Both BOE IPS and Data Services,
used wdeploy to undeploy and redeploy all webapps.
I have copied the WAR file from a similar server that works and removed all the webapps etc. and redeployed all the webapps again
Uninstalled BOE IPS and Data services and resinstalled then - but still the same.

Check the PAM for those versions. We’ve limited our installs to Window Server 2019.

When I create a repository, I first create the database that it is to reside in. Then I use the Repository Manager to create the tables within the database. After that you can connect the CMC and Server Manager to the repository.

Hey Thanks, I have found the solution, I noticed I had BOE IPS 4.2 SP9 P700, installed and there is an issue with that version, so I reverted to BOE IPS 4.2 SP9, and Data services v14.2.14.2660 all is working as expected.

And as per your answer that is what I do as well, i create the repo databases first and then create the repositories with the Repository manager and then add then need to add the connection in CMS and that is where the issue comes in you get an Http Status 500-Internal Server Error

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