this thread (BODS 4.1: RFC Streaming experiences) brought me to this forum and i hope someone can help me here.

i’m writing my thesis and extracting tables from SAP with JCO is a part of it. Unfortunately i don’t know much about ABAP and SAP.

I want to use /BODS/RFC_STREAM_READ_TABLE, because if i understood correctly, it implements this method (http://wiki.scn.sap.com/wiki/display/EIM/RFC+transport+method) a therefore i won’t have any problems with table widths and other restrictions.

This function module has two non optional parameters which are “QUERY_TABLE” and “CALLBACK_FM”. The thing is i have no idea what i’m supposed to enter as “CALLBACK_FM”.

As i said i don’t much about the topic and it’s possible that i’m mixing up multiple concepts so i’m thankful for any help.


amueller (BOB member since 2015-02-02)

Hey, more than a year later and I have the exact same question !

Did you get any information on this?


jeansagi (BOB member since 2017-02-27)