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BODS - CSV loading issue ( end-of-line problem?)

Hello everybody,

I face a blocking issue in BODS while reading a CSV file from Linux FTP.

The problem I have is that BODS doesn’t see the end of header line and interprets the first content line as header.

HEADER: header col1, header col2,. .header colxcontent col1, content col2…

In Notepad++ I can see CRLF as end of line symbol . My configurations are the ones below:

Column Comma
Row {new line}
Row within text string : Character
Text “”

However, I was able to pass by this error by choosing Adaptable schema = Yes and by adding a dummy column at the end in the schema, but then I receive some errors on the content lines caused by wrong interpretation of end of line ( I guess).

Any suggestions would be highly appreciated.
Thank you,