BODS 4.2 need Hortonworks ODBC driver

We are using BODS 4.2 and are having trouble connecting to HIVE data source. SAP has told us that we need Hortonworks Hive ODBC driver version 2.01.05. We are not able to find this version online. Can anyone help with getting us this driver?


Hello @EddiePoole and welcome to B :mrgreen: B

Try this link:

Not sure but Cloudera manage Hortonworks and they have the Cloudera Hive Driver…

Hello @jtintinger and welcome to B :mrgreen: B

The Cloudera drivers are different drivers. We tried both and our Hive Administrators wanted us to go with the Hortonworks drivers. I’m not sure what the differences were that they saw. If SAP is saying to use the Hortonworks drivers, then that is probably what should be used.