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BOBJ Webi to HANA Calc View safety belt and security

We’re prepping to move away from BW/BEx to HANA Query and Calc View. Our current BICSCONNECTION is set to get 600k cell limit from BW system. We don’t have any other settings in BW, but in BOBJ we’ve few DSL AJPS services for OLAP connection. Nothing more than this is configured. We’ve total 10k users and about 150-250 daily active users.
What kind of basic 101 can we do to make this transition smooth?

  1. How and where do we control 600k cell limit in HANA (or BOBJ)?
  2. How and where do we assign user security to HANA query or calc view or package?
  3. How and what additional BOBJ service needs to be added/configured?

Thanks much for your help.