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BOBJ to HANA Security

We’ve pretty good BOBJ security setup for our BOBJ user communities. Our back-end system is BW based. Our BOBJ is pretty much explained in this blog:

Here is our requirement:

  1. We are moving to HANA Calculation View from BW BEx query. Calculation View is pretty much ready too.
  2. We’ve 10-12 departments, who have their own folder “Public Folders/DEPT_A/” in BOBJ. Each department can see their own folder and can created their own report and BEx query. “DEPT_A” won’t be able to create or view report/query from “DEPT_B” or vice versa until they are part of same group.
  3. We’d like to implement similar security to HANA so when BOBJ users log in they can only see their own HANA calculation view, pretty much like #2.
  4. How do our users connect from BOBJ to HANA?
  5. We’ve very basic understanding of HANA security. I’d really appreciated if anyone can provide any lesson learn or how to or best practice or some security diagram related to this security setup.
    5a. How to connect BOBJ to HANA
    5b. How to setup HANA security so each department can easily see their package/calculation_view/

Thanks for your help!