Bobj-board upgrades and server update

I have upgraded today the Discourse engine of to release 2.7.0.beta4

  • There is a Do not disturb mode !
  • Login modal have been revamped !

More info here

I am trying to keep up-to-date and schedule an upgrade every one or two month. Let me know if you see something strange ! :male_detective:

I have ran a double job tonight:

  • upgrade to latest version (release 2.7.0.beta7), you can check the release note here.
  • migrate the server from Azure :cloud: :arrow_forward: AWS :cloud: (more on this below) :arrow_down_small: (OS update to Ubuntu 20.04)

Why move to a different cloud provider ?

I was using initially some free credits on Azure, so it was an easy solution to use Azure. But since the free credits are gone it seems that for the same performance Azure is a bit more expensive than AWS (I use to run a Standard B1ms on Azure, and I am now running a t3a.small instance on AWS). I am also much more comfortable with AWS and I prefer to have a single invoice with all my projects :wink:

How to move to a different server ?

Quite easy, I am just pasting here the procedure I have followed as I am using a very standard discourse docker install, it’s relying on the backup generated by Discourse directly:

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