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BOBJ BI Launchpad Login Page Customization


We are in BOBJ 4.3 SP3 & our server is AIX & Netweaver WAS. Can someone please let me know how can I customize BI Launchpad login page ? What I am trying here is to change the Sign-in Button color / change the color of the 3 dots that comes up when you try to open a report / refresh a report & many other items. What I am trying to achieve here is to customize the look & feel of launchpad matching to our organization.


Check out something called ThemeDesigner. Perhaps you can do the modifications you want using that tool. It looks like this…

I found this forum post helpful. We have used this approach to modify the background color and replace the SAP logo with our company logo in the BI Launchpad.

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Thank you nscheaffer. ThemeDesigner works only with TomCat. We have Netweaver on AIX & ThemeDesigner doesn’t support Netweaver / AIX.

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