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BO Reports - Memory usage

Is it possible to check which BO reports has high memory usage?

Not in BI4.3 that I am aware of.

In previous versions, you could the WebI Admin Tool but not all of the functionality of that tool works with BI4.3, in particular the functionality that provided a way to see things like what reports were running and how much resources they were using.

I asked if this functionality could be built into the BI Platform Support Tool but other than a reply that it would be looked into, I haven’t heard any more in it.

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It will generally be the ones that bring back the largest data sets and have the most variables and calculations, including merged variables etc.

We are using BO 4.2 sp6. We are asking to find the list of report that take the high memory. We have thousands of reports so we can’t say here are the ones with the largest sets and have most variables.
What the ways to find this kind of information. If there is none, then I can go from there.