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BO Query Builder to find the report names with associated universe

I can run the following query to find the list of report and list of universes, but I have not been able to build a query that can give me a list of universes associated to a specific report.

Get the list of all universes


Get the list of all WebI documents


Can anyone help with this?

there are many topics with this – please try to search first

e.g. BO Query Builder - general discussion - BusinessObjects Board (

I have looked through them all. There is no article relating to Webi reports with universe names. As you can see in my original message, the codes I listed I got them from here.

well . from that link step 1 returns universes (incl names) and SI_IDs of the webi reports
and Step2 reports. Ive tried it in the morning…

btw you dd not mention the BOversion but at least from BO 4.2 tere is the CMS driver + BI analysis universe where you can build such a report with link Report - > universe… I think

Thanks, Tom.

Yes. we are using 4.2 sp6. I will definitely try the steps provided. Appreciate it.
I do have the Auditing universe which I use to pull all sorts of activity information, but it does not return reports with associated universe.
If I do want to pull the universe data, it runs forever and times out.

What CMS + BI Analysis. Is that same as Auditing?

no - the universe is called: BI platform CMS system database.unx
during installation among the supported DB there is also a CMS driver (DataAccess.CMSDBDriver in response file) whis is used by that universe to access the BO system db data…

how to create a query is quite tricky - see screenshot (by JohnBClark) with available fields:
Reports Based on unx universe from BI platform CMS system database Universe - general discussion - BusinessObjects Board (
I had somewhere some tutorial how to use it - I will look for it.

something tells me I am unable to put here a link to official SAP site but it is KBA 2399962

  • there is written that : Starting with BI 4.2 SP04, the universe and samples can be found in the samples folder of the installation (…\SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise XI 4.0\Samples\bionbi

yeah the trouble with auditing is there are too many records and any query must be always limited

I am more an admin than a developer - but recently Ive promised to create some overview with report - universe - usage so I will have to create some report as well anyway … probably next week

Thanks. I will try all the steps mentioned and update here.
I also already have the Auditing universe in BO 4.2 sp6 configured and can easily find the BO reports activity, history and usability etc.
But when I try to find the universe using auditing, the query never finishes and times out.

auditing universe (db) is related to events which were recorded to audit DB based CMC - Auditing settings - we have Default level, 90 days but its good idea to limit the result by some date e.g 3 days back… but to setup the query is not easy as e.g IMHO universe field is not in direct relation to events so combination of these field returns nothing to me

regarding using that BI CMS db universe: if I use something like that

I get:
which is the basic relation report → universe