Bo Agent Stops 10 seconds after starting, Unexpectantly: Working without error for years until 7am today!

Hi all,

The Core BusinessObjects service (Bo Agent) seems to stop 10 seconds after starting up as from 7am today. Reports that were scheduled pre 7am were generated as expected, but all reports scheduled after 7am failed since the agent keeps stopping…

We have checked Logs, Capacity, Certificate Expiry etc and everything seems to be OK, so wondering if anyone has any other ideas?

The only thing that we can see from the logs is:

GC (Allocation Failure)…?

Anyone any thoughts?


What version of Business Objects are you using?
What do you mean by Bo Agent? Do you really mean the Server Intelligence Agent (SIA)?

With the shut down of the SIA, I would suspect an issue with the connection to the CMS database.

With the mention of a GC (Allocation Failure) error, I would suspect something with memory availability.

Have you tried rebooting your server(s)? That seems to solve a myriad of issues with Business Objects without letting you know what the issue actually is but it does get your system back up and running.

Hi @JohnBClark,

Thanks for your response.

We are running BO XI 4.2 SP7, and the SIA starts up OK, just not the BI Agent (in CCM), which is named BOEXI4EAgent in Windows Services… I can start up the CMS, and all Nodes\ Servers seem to be up.

We have rebooted a few times now, but the Agent still stops after about 10 seconds of Starting up.
No Server\ Infra changes that we are aware of, hence pulling out my hair…

This system has been stable for years, and all of a sudden its stopped, I can even limit it to about 7am based on the scheduled reports which worked and those which didnt: This cut off time is suggesting its not certificate expiry or similar (I checked this anyway, to be sure).

Memory and Disk capacity are all fine. Some of the other log entries point toward ‘Agent/AutomationFramework is not able to establish connection with Active MQ’ but the same error has been logging for years so I guess that this is a red herring…

I have raised a ticket with SAP, but I don’t expect a timely response (unless they have got a lot better in the last few years)…


Hmm, I wouldn’t think the BI Agent would cause your scheduled reports to fail. You can run Business Objects without the BI Agent just fine. We have for a couple of years. We are just now starting to work with Automation Framework and the BI Agent.

Try this (SAP Login required) KBA 2585383 - Automation Framework & BI Agent stop immediately after starting in CCM.

Hi @JohnBClark ,

I think I might have been chasing ghosts yesterday: Today all scheduled reports have successfully run, users are able to log in and run reports and normal service seems to be resumed, but the BI Agent is still not running! I thought that the BI Agent controlled the Adaptive Job Server, but clearly that’s not the case!

Can you let me know what the BI Agent does as I cant seem to find any documentation on it…

I must admit I used to be the BOb Admin, but that was pre Xi, and have only recently started looking after it all again: so I am a little behind the curve with this version…

Thanks for your help either way,


The BI Agent is a component that supports the BI Administration Console. Here is the BI Administration Console Guide. (No SAP login required.) This talks about the BI Agent.

Perfect: thanks @JohnBClark