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BO 4.3 upgrade from 4.2 *Nightmare*

Hi all,

Reaching out to you all with some hope that i can get some help. We have been trying to upgrade our BO environment to 4.3 (thanks to SAP for forcing us by ending support for 4.2 in 2022) and its been a nightmare. Below are the tasks we have done.

Environment: 4.2 SP8
Windows server 2016
Oracle 19c for repository and audit dbs.

In December performed an inplace upgrade to 4.3 SP2. Upgrade was successful, however, crystal reports services in CMC were still showing 2016 and were wouldn’t start, hence no crystals were able to run and schedule. Reached out to SAP and horrible support recommended to install Crystal 2020 on server. Installed Crystal 2020 on server, it screwed up the whole environment. CCM could not be launched, SIA couldnt be reached, while crystal 2020 was being installed, noticed that it deployed web applications, when does crystal installer deploys web apps? Long story short, we reverted our system back to 4.2 from backup. Now we are trying to upgrade again by installing 4.3 base version with no SP or patch. Got an error at the end that stated “The set of DUs marked as installed does not match the set of DUs in the target install state.” clicked ok and tomcat service is gone. In the process of installing 4.3 SP2 now and hoping to get tomcat back.

Any idea on how to approach this upgrade? I have never been this lost in an upgrade before. 4.3 is making things very difficult. If we go the side by side upgrade, how do i make sure all of the content is migrated? Also, when doing a side by side upgrade, do i need to keep the SIA and tomcat ports different from the existing environment ports? What if i want to keep them the same? Secondly, will all the security and users and groups and access levels can be migrated? How do i go about that?


Our upgrade has been a struggle as well. We had to roll back out initial attempt at an upgrade in place as well. I observed the same issue that you did, the Crystal Reports services didn’t update.

We are currently in the process of building out new servers with BI4.3 SP2 patch 7 (or 700). We are able to use the same ports but it is on different hardware. If you are doing your upgrades on the same servers, then I would think that you would not be able to use the same ports, you would have to assign new ones.

As for making sure your content gets migrated, this pattern book is an excellent resource on how to do content migrations including full repository migrations. I have used this several times and will be using it again with this upgrade.
Pattern Book on Life Cycle Management- Promotion Management

Thank you John for your response. Couple of questions, when you say

If you are doing your upgrades on the same servers, then I would think that you would not be able to use the same ports, you would have to assign new ones.

Same servers, you mean to say like VMWare type of servers and stuff? We will probably ask IT to spin off a new instance for us, we will then need to use new ports? But everything is on company’s domain and network? Sorry was just a little confused here.

Secondly, thanks for providing that link for migrating content, question on that as well, when doing a fresh install and new server for 4.3, wouldn’t you want new dbs for your repository and audit db as well? What is the benefit of migrating the entire repository from old environment?

By same server, I mean the same physical server or the same VM instance.
If you are installing BI 4.3 on a different physical server or a different VM instance, then you can use the same port assignments because the server name would be different.

Yes, you want a new databases for the repository and audit databases. In this case, the statement of migrating the whole repository is from the documentation. It means to include all users, security, and content. It does not apply to the actual configuration of Business Objects. If you read through the document, it should explain how that works. It basically boils down to using the command line promotion management tools to migrate your content from one system to another.

Thanks again John. The document is about 200 pages so will take some time for me to read the whole thing :slight_smile:

We use windows ad authentication and i am aware that i will have to reconfigure all that again on the new server. However, do you know, with the migration of users and security and content, it will migrate all user groups and access levels and what not? What about servers and server groups and security on those that we have placed for certain users? Are those also possible to migrate? thanks again for the help.

Access Levels are migrated before the users in the process outlined in the document.
Users, Security, and Content all migrate.
You don’t want to migrate servers, and I don’t think they are migrated, as you will have already created those in the new environment. You may need to re-create the server groups. I don’t recall this exactly as we don’t migrate these even if it’s possible.