BO 4.3 sp1 from 4.2 sp9

At present we are in 4.2 SP9 patch3 (windows 2016) and planning to upgrade to 4.3 sp1. please help to understand the below queries.

  1. Is it safe to do inplace server upgrade in windows 2016.
  2. what all differences are there in BI admin perspective in 4.3 from 4.2

inplace upgrade is not recommended by SAP

The upgrade guide lists an inplace upgrade as being one of the upgrade paths. Where did you get your information?

In place upgrade is listed in 4.3 admin guide. But I am looking for views for better approach and what all feature or apps are deprecated in 4.3 compared to 4.2 sp9. Also what all things we need to come consider while upgrade.

Yes John thank you. I’m looking for the views from everyone still for the better approach with pros and cons. Also looking for the features or apps deprecated in 4.3 compared to 4.2 sp9 to see the implications while upgrading. Kindly guide.

Excel cannot be used as data source in the webI Rich Client in 4.3 SP1. This should be fixed in 4.3 SP2.

In place should be fine but please keep in mind the following:
(i) understand the list of products deprecated in BI 4.3 and find viable alternate if your existing deployment has any of the deprecated tools (ii) In 4.3 SP1, you have limitations around PDP so you may want to wait until 4.3 SP2 is released and take a final call (iii) While refresh time has improved in BI 4.3, the presentation time of reports is very slow in certain scenarios so if performance is important to you, then you may want to consider this as well.

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Thank you Vetri, can I have exact list of deprecated products or tool or apps in 4.3 compared to 4.2 sp9. So far I have found is classic launchpad, umt, rct, dadhboard service for xcelcius are getting deprecated, let me know if anything else there too and also where else I need to be cautious.

Besides what is pdp, please help.

I don’t know if I would be allowed to share PDFs here Sandhya, just search for Wiiisdom SAP BI Upgrade Checklist and they have a well documented guidelines of what you need to consider. In terms of deprecated features, do you have access to SAP Portal?

Hello Vetri, would you mind to share the PDFs if possible to my email I’d .

I have gone through Wiiisdom SAP BI Upgrade Checklist video, but it is more of 360 suite which we are not opting for as we are planning for in place upgrade from 4.2 sp9 to 4.3 sp1 or sp2 directly through one installer with additional password.

Also I have sap portal access, but there I could see many links, but not a checklist in sheet like 4.2 sp9 vs 4.3 sp1 with new and deprecated features or aapps or products for better and quick understanding.

Once I receive your email, I can share my findings
to you for your review (that I have captured in a sheet ). Awaiting for your response:)


Thank you Rik for this valuable information, do we have any such doc or sheet or slide with all new features and deprecated ones in a single sheet with 4.2 sp9 vs 4.3 sp1or so.

I have just emailed, thanks

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Correct. Copywrited material cannot be posted in this forum.

I learned this in a webinar on 4.3 SP2 ‘Discover SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.3 SP02’. If you want I can email you the link.

Yes please, it would be much helpful. Thank you in advance

Also is hsts supported in BI 4.3 ?