BO 4.2 SP8 - Incorrect syntax near '-'... during install

I am installing Business Objects 4.2 SP8 onto a clean Windows Server 2016 standard edition environment. We are using SQL Server 2016 as well.
All prerequisites are complete including creating SQL ODBC connections to the database server, in addition, I am installing as the service account which has modify rights to a blank CMS database.
During the install, I am attempting to Configure CMS Repository Database SQL Server (ODBC), I get the following error message

"Failed to retrieve cluster name from the database. Reason: Database access error. Reason [Microsoft][SQL Server Native Client 11.0][SQL Server]Incorrect syntax near ‘-’…

Any ideas are greatly appreciated.

KMerrills (BOB member since 2010-08-27)

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Marek Chladny :slovakia: (BOB member since 2003-11-27)

I would double check your database connectivity and make sure your ODBC DSN is configured correctly. I’ve been working pretty extensively with 4.2sp8 as we are in the midst of an upgrade and I haven’t had any issue like this.

JohnBClark :us: (BOB member since 2007-03-27)

Maybe the database you create have a name with a reserved word ("-"). try changing the database name and the dsn entry and try again