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BI4.3.x Response File Creation

We are working with BI4.3sp2 patch 7.
When doing the server installations, I noticed that running the OneInstaller to create response file didn’t work. Example command line: BI4.3sp2p7Servers.exe -w Servers4.3sp2p7.ini. This would just run the installer instead of creating the response file. I didn’t worry about it too much at the time as it wasn’t really necessary for the servers, it just helped to ensure consistency.

Now that I’m trying to get the Client Tools and Crystal Reports 2020 roll outs ready, I’ve encountered the same problem with the OneInstaller for those tools as well.

I have a case open with SAP but they are hung up on the KBA and Administrators Guide that still use the old install method from BI4.2 and prior. They are looking for a file called setup.exe. Needless to say, the case is not gaining any tractions.

Has anyone else encountered issues trying to create response files for BI4.3? I don’t know if I found a “feature” for BI4.3sp2 patch7 or not.

Apparently, not specified in either the Installation Guide or in the KBA articles, the EXE file that is downloaded for the installations, has to be extracted into a folder structure. This folder structure will include the setup.exe file that has to be used to create the response files. A member of our Desktop team recommended this approach when they saw that the initial screen when running the EXE was a WinRAR self-extracting archive.

I have verified this works for creating a response file for both the Client Tools and the Crystal Reports installation.

I have to test the installation part of the process. Plan to do that tomorrow.

We used 7zip to extract the folder structure from the EXE file. I’m not sure what other tools may be capable of doing this as well.

I hope SAP updates their documentation to make this step clearer.

2023-03-16 Update: The tests of the response files were successful.

WinRAR is recommended to extract the SAP .exe files.
7zip sometimes return an error while extracting.

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