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BI4.1 // Tomcat - Stop and start processes


I have scheduled twice a week a process (with an external scheduler tool) that stop and start the SIA and Tomcat.

We have 4 servers (2 tomcat / 2 BI4 - All on Windows servers)

Here is the reboot process :

Stop Tomcat#1
… 3mn …
Stop Tomcat#2
… 3mn …
Stop SIA#1
… 3mn …
Stop SIA#2

5 minutes

Start SIA#1
… 10mn …
Start SIA#2
… 10mn …
Start Tomcat#1
… 3mn …
Start Tomcat#2

Most of the time, everything is fine, but, sometimes Tomcat restarted “alone”, so my process crashes because it tries to start a service already running…

The 4 services are set on “Automatic” startup.
Do I have to put them on “Manual” to avoid any problems ?

Is it recommended ?

Thanks for your help.

luigio (BOB member since 2016-01-25)

Hello, Have you resolved the issue.
Here I’ve similar issue.I’ve BI 4.1 on windows and we are having Apache Tomcat. On one of my server Tomcat status showing Green and its running But actual CMC URL not running for this server. Also I tried https://localhost:8080/ on VM and I get message page can not displayed. I tried stopping and Starting the tomcat still no use. experts please help me. Let me know if anything is needed.

Steven123 (BOB member since 2018-08-02)