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BI4.1: 'source file error. [Invalid argument]:'

I’m trying to get scheduling sorted on BI4.1, however my users are getting this error message;

source file error. [Invalid argument]: [CrystalEnterprise.DiskUnmanaged]

We have it configured as follows. Our BI4.1 server outputs the report to a network share. We have a user who is the report administrator who has permission to write to the share, but no right to log onto the BI4.1 server. We have a system account that we have the report administrators use called BOBAdminScheduler. This has the same write access to the network share. We have the credentials for the BOBAdminScheduler account added in the default destination section of the AdaptiveJoBServer. We have just a full stop in the Directory field of the default destination to allow the report administrators to simply specify a report, and leave the credentials blank.

We’ve been assured by our 3rd party support that this configuration should allow the report adminstrators to schedule to the share without giving them log on access to the BI4.1 server.

When I (who can write, and log onto everything involved) schedule a report using BOBAdminScheduler, to the share, the report runs succesfully. If my report administrator schedules the report to run using BOBAdminScheduler, then it fails.

I’ve been looking through previous threads such as this thread to check if I’ve missed something, but I cant put my finger on it. It seems to work with this setup fine in BOXI R2 and R3.1.

Can anyone suggest what I’m not doing right?

ChrisOnesBroken :uk: (BOB member since 2011-06-08)