BI Directional Ports for Live to Live connection


We are planning to move to a new data center, the machine will have new IP and Name, so there is no point of cloning or copying data from old server to new server.

Question: both servers ( old and new ) are in prod env but are on different VLANS, wanted to know in order to do LIVE TO LIVE connection in PMT, what ports i need to opened between both machines and i believe the firewall request has to be bi directional ?

Till now i know below are the ports that needs to be opened? any other ports ?

6400-6500 CMS Bi - Directional

2638 Sybase SQL Server - Bi Directional

8080 Default Tomcat Port - Bi Directional

8005 Default Tomcat Port - Bi Directional

8443 Default Tomcat Port - Bi Directional

I don’t have any experience with firewalls but from what I know about the Promotion Management, when you set up your system connections, you only specify the CMS port for the connection (default is 6400). That may be all you need if you want to promote content over.

If you are moving a lot of content it is recommended that you use the lcm_cli.bat file and use a command line option to move the content. Take a look at the Pattern Book on Life Cycle Management- Promotion Management for using this method. I’ve used this method to move all of our content (not including report instances) from one environment to an upgraded environment for testing before upgrading and it worked great.

LCM ? we are trying to migrate BO 4.2. So I guess no more LCM. We have Promotion Mgmt Tool or if we want to upgrade the existing version to high version we have Upgrade Mgmt Tool. The LCM I guess was in old version like 3.1

forget about LCM and read that doc… it should be possible via Promotion Management :slight_smile:

Yes, the LCM designation is old, but at the same time, it is still relevant. There are several places in Business Objects where the LCM designator is still used. I recently used it to move all of our content from a BI4.2sp4 environment to a BI4.2sp8 environment for testing before we upgraded the original BI4.2sp4 environment. The document link I provided discusses this process.