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BI 4.3 SP2 X or SP3 - Testing and Issues detected

Dear team,

Anyone is currently testing BI 4.3 SP3 or SP2 Patch 600?
I’m currently on SP2 patch 500 fresh install and I have found many problems without solution.

For example IDT error 02500
Problems in ODBC connections
WEBI services unstable (these seen to be patched on 600)

I would like to know your experiencies and have more thoughs to decide if properly for a production environment.

thanks in advance.

update BI 4.3 SP3 is not released yet, but soon. latest version BI 4.2 SP2 Patch 600


What exactly do you mean by “WEBI services”?

web intelligence procesing server, restart unexpectly, even when nobody is logged on.

I tried to regenerate cache but it doesnt work.
SAP Says that I’m using special characters in objects and that generate problems in IDT, but the universe runs flaweslly in 4.2, even in 4.3. but IDT trows this error message

3171236 - BI Cannot Retrieve Converted Universe

  • are you in sync of BO-Version and Client Tools-Version ?
  • have you installed the Client-Tools on separate machine ?
    (installation on BO-Server is no longer supported in 4.3) ?
  • with every PL there is a lot of 4.3-bugfixing, also in SP2-600 ( so recommendation is to install patches asap) !
  • in SP3 there will be a lot of new features, and of course new errors
  • now with SP2-600 I will start (again) to move some of the 4.2-Prod-Reports to the new server, but not expecting much
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Nice point that client tools are not supported in the server for BI 4.3
but is done now so I guess there is not a rollback for that, anyway I’m still having problems in the universe.


thanks for sharing your experience.

I don’t want to be pedantic, but SP3 is scheduled for Q4 2022 , CW49.

Do you have a time machine up and running :wink: or what do you mean wit SP3?


It was my fault, because all the notes says SP2 patch 600 or SP3. So I asumed SP3 was released due to patch600 for SP2 is already available.

at the moment I’m running SP2 patch 600

We upgraded /migrated from 4.2 to 4.3sp2 and its been a total pain the ass, I’m not close to server side but report issues we have had are,

  1. Csv upload of file doesn’t work if you replace fixed in patch 6.

  2. A big issue is the change in query panel for FHS and Excel tgis has caused me no end of issues, many reports would not run on 4.3 sp2 without errors and in the end for many reports with FHS or Excel dataproviders I had to rebuild from scratch in 4.3.

  3. Webi and front end lags and is very slow.

More issues detected in BI 4.3 SP2 patch 600:

  • Fiori launchpad hangs when trying to delete instances
  • CMC unable to click on schedule button when trying to schedule a webi report (spanish locale for me, english works well)


Could anyone tell me how to install SP2 Patch 600 on top of a 4.3 BO Server?

Many thanks

just run the one installer. there is no other magic trick

SP2 patch 700 was released today… testing

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Great. I need to do the same.

Thk u Dynamic. Which servers should I stop?
I had an issue after install. CMC and BILaunchpad pages don’t work out.
Any idea?

could you please give us more details?

I am having issues with upgrading my webservers and can’t find a SP3 patch that works yet. Going after Patch 0 and see if that works