Azure cloud - cluster distributed in more regions


To have the BI cluster HA (highly available) and DR (disaster recovery) ready, I am thinking to have half of the cluster nodes in a data center in one region (North Europe) and the rest of the nodes in a data center in another region (West Europe).

Has any one done something similar? Does it work? What’s the performance?

Marek Chladny :slovakia: (BOB member since 2003-11-27)

I was looking at doing something similar, although not in the cloud and Business Objects recommended against it. They were concerned with latency.

We did have a physical location split in our environments previously but the physical locations were within the same town. I think there was a 10 GB connection between the two locations but it could have been better. We didn’t see any issues with the configuration. The disclaimer is of course that the distance wasn’t very far.

JohnBClark :us: (BOB member since 2007-03-27)

Is this just for disaster recovery or do you want multiple nodes running at the same time for scalability.

I only ask coz if this was for DR only, I`d do this with Azure VM replication.

ABILtd :uk: (BOB member since 2006-02-08)