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Audit Log in SAP BO needed


Could anyone please, advice if there is an option to export the following information for BO:
We are a group of people with modify/edit accesses to a BO folder where we have important WebI reports stored.
I’d like to get the opportunity to receive an automatic (periodic - e.g. weekly) export of a log, which log to contain the following information:
• Which of the reports located in the folder had been modified during the period (in our example - week)?
• Who had modified the report/s?
• When exactly the report/s have been modified?
• What exactly had been modified into the report - e.g. column name changed from: * , to: * ; variable formula changed from: * , to: *; query filter changed from: * , to: *; whatever else change is done from: * , to: *;

Please, advice if that information is possible to be exported on a regular basis?

Thanks in advance!

Most of the information you want to report against can be captured using the internal auditing of Business Objects if it is configured to collect that information. It will not be able to collect what was modified in the reports, only that they were modified.

You should talk with your System Administrators to determine what actions are audited and to have them modified if necessary.
Your System Administrator should also be able to assist you with getting access to the audit data to report against it.

@JohnBClark ,

Thank you for the prompt and detailed information! That will help me find the way how to maintain and control that folder.
Just one more question related to the “what was modified in the report/s”: If it is not possible to be captured by the internal auditing - is there any other option, workaround doing that?
Even if that will cost extra, I just want to know if it is possible to be done somehow?

I am not aware of any options for collecting information on what was modified in a report.

Thank you John,
Your advice was more than helpful!

The only option you might have is to export the reports to a biar file and then compare them. Exporting you might be able to do by script, comparing is then a manual exercise.