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Append the process ID to the log file name

At one time I had a configuration in place that caused the process ID to be appended to the log files generated by Business Objects.

For example, if my Job Server scheduled a Web Intelligence report, there would be a file in the logging directory of the server where the Job Server was running named something like


Only the file name would also include the process ID for the report that was being run.

This process ID corresponded to the process ID of the report instance when the properties were viewed of the scheduled report instance in the report history. This made it very easy to find the log files for reports that failed as you could search for the process ID and easily find the log file.

Somewhere along the line this configuration has been lost and I can’t find my reference for what to set to get it back. :frowning:

Does anyone else recall what I am referring to and can point me to the correct configuration to get this enabled again?

I finally found the answer to my question.
Turns out the configuration is in the BO_trace.ini file.
If you set append = false, then the process id will be appended to the file name.
Somehow this had been changed in one of our environments and I hadn’t caught it. :rage:

Needing to troubleshoot some scheduled reports made me take a look at this again. I had assumed that the BO_trace.ini file was configured as it should have been. Shame on me. :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

But, problem solved now.