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Append date to Report output in excel

Is there a way to add the date in the ‘YYYYMM’ format when I schedule a report to be emailed as .xls file.
I can add the placeholder ‘date’ but that put the date it ran, for example, 2024-06-03.
I need it in YYYYMM format.
I even tried publication but had no luck.

I haven’t seen anything where this can be modified. You are pretty much stuck with the format that it provides.

This can be done in a publication. But its ‘tricky’ at best.
I did it using Webi for the base document with a Dimension Detail for [FriendlyDate], then in the dynamic recipients provider (Based on CRE document) I calculate at runtime what the friendly date is . In personalization I I map the Document [Friendlydate] to the Dynamic Recipient @FriendyDate.

I would like to sign this off QED, but its not really … Quite Easily Done at all!!

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I requested this functionality 8 years ago. It was partially delivered in 4.2 in that we now have %SI_DATE% instead of just %SI_STARTTIME%. But that was not all I was asking for. I wanted full date formatting capability which would satisfy your need.