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Anyone going to IBIS 2024?

If you are going to IBIS 2024, let’s connect. Maybe even attend the session I am presenting…

Dynamic Dates in Web Intelligence

A common use common use case is to run a Web Intelligence report for a date range. That can be easily done with hard-coded date values, but that is not a very user-friendly approach always having to edit the query. Certainly, prompts are more user-friendly. However, if you want to schedule a report for a dynamic, named date range such as yesterday, last month, last quarter, etc. you are at a dead end. Takeaways: This session will show how I built what I call a “Calendar Universe” several years ago that has stood the test of time. I will also show two additional ways to implement dynamic dates; free-hand SQL and report variables & filters. We will cover the pros and cons of each.
Agenda: IBIS_2024

I did the virtual attendance last year. I won’t be in physical attendance this year and I don’t think I will be attending anything virtually either. Sorry to miss you. Would have been good to connect.

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