Anybody is using BOBJ version "4.2 sp8 patch 4" on Linux?

We recently applied patch 4 (they also say 400). We use Redhat Linux.
We have lot of issues after the patch. I know there are issues with windows version and SAP even deleted from downloads.

Anybody applied next versions of patch to resolve the issues or did something else?

We have a major issue with 4.2 SP8 Patch 4 and RHEL 8. Version management (svn) won’t start. There seems to be some incompatibility with some subversion binaries in RHEL 8.X.
KB 3004467 indicate that issue has been solved in 4.2 SP9

We are on BI4.2 SP08 Patch 300 sitting on RHEL 7.6.
We have a few issues in patch 300, we will be going to BI 4.3 SP01 Patch 2.

May i know what is your specific issue, what is your RHEL version, and what is your CMS DB ? and reporting DB ?

Share your specific issue.

check out this kb 2968256 - Unable to login to CMC/BILP and high CMS
CPU usage after upgrade. It looks however it is only impacting windows platform.

I have loaded 4.2 SP9 and haven’t found any issues yet. Found a drag and drop issue with SP8 Path 700, so I bailed on that release.

Sounds like SP8 should be avoided at all costs.