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Amending free hand SQL 4.3


I have access to create reports with a data source of ‘Free-hand SQL’, however, once I’ve written the initial SQL query and hit ‘OK’ and it has created the query, I am unable to edit the SQL in the query script editor window (I can view it but I can’t change it at all and the ‘undo’, ‘validate’ and ‘ok’ buttons are all greyed out).

The system admin thinks it may be to do with how the connections for free hand SQL are set up.

There’s a SAP note which mentions this behaviour I think, but I’m unable to access it. 3134694 - Cannot edit the SQL of an existing webi report based on a Free Hand SQL in BI 4.3 SP02 | SAP Knowledge Base Article

The article says that the permission was missing in BI 4.3 SP2 when it was released. The right is added back in with BI 4.3 SP2 Patch 2.

I guess you get to upgrade. Lucky you.

This sort of thing is so frustrating and all too common.

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