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After Update BI 4.3 SP03 Patch 6 Error running the program, error code 1


after updating to SAP BI 4.3 SP03 Patch 6 my scheduled programs no longer work and report only Error running the program, error code 1.

in the environment variables are still in the path and JAVA-HOME with BO own sapjvm directory. All permissions of the service user with which the SIA and Tomcat starts have the corresponding permissions on the Windows 2019 server.

I have checked all the notes of the KBA 3334634.

Does anyone else have a good idea?

Best regards

I had already asked the same question in the SAP Community, but have not yet found a solution.

You don’t say what type of Program Object you are attempting to run so I will ask this:
Did you verify the Program Object Rights in CMC → Applications → Central Management Console?
By default, Run Java programs is not enabled.

Thanks for the question. According to the KBA, the JAVA settings are set correctly. It’s mainly about Java programs that we developed together with our SAP consultant. With SAP BI 4.3 SP02 Patch 9 everything still worked and with BI 4.3 SP03 Patch 6 it no longer worked. In between there was a change in the sapjvm version. Can I perhaps simply replace the sapjvm version?

That depends on what you mean here.

  • If it means that you have a specific sapjvm version specified in your Java programs, then yes, I would say that you probably need to update the version there.
  • If it means replacing the sapjvm version on your servers, then no, this would probably break your whole installation.

I would like to understand better this,
could you please explain what kind of java scripts or programs do you execute?

are they standar and included in the normal instalation or are custom scripts?

thank you.