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Add a derived table join to every generated SQL

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We have a derived table with an exclusion it its definition, how do we include this table in every generated query?
Originally, we had a universe level filter with the exclusion but that was causing dupes in some results

You could create a filter and flag that filter to be applied on the entire universe. Filter could be as simple as 1=1 and the select the derived table as mandatory

Thank you @martensnl , we are thinking along the same lines. We updated the definition of the derived table with an addition of a select 1. We then added a universe level filter =1


if I correctly understand, there is table with rows including something like an identifier that should serve to exclude rows having instances of this (or these) identifier(s)
if correctly understood: I would outer join this table with this (or these) identifier(s) and add a dimension from it to the joint table, based on with you could exclude rows then in BO