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Active Users List in BOBJ 4.3


I am looking to get a list of active users in BOBJ. I tried using Auditing Universe but it gives me a full list of users. I am not able identify if the users are active or inactive. Can someone help me in how to get this information ?

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Download the DisableInactiveUser Script from here 2097401 - DisableInactiveUsers Script for BI 4.x :closed_lock_with_key:
Even though it is designed for disabling active users, you can configure it to run and just create a csv file of all the users and the last time they logged in, if they have logged in. You will need to download version 3 for information on users who have been created but have never logged in.

I can confirm that it still works as of BI4.3 SP2 patch 7

Thank you John. Unfortunately we cannot use this script due to security vulnerabilities. Are there any other options ?

You could look at the CMS universe and see if you can get what you are looking for from there.

the question is: What does it mean that a user is “active”?
Is user connected just now? or 5mins ago? or last 30 days?
you can use the audit universe , filter for “Logon” event and limit e.g. to last 30 days. …?