Access rights - BO Inbox

Some of our users can’t view or copy documents out of their BO inboxes. What granular right should be enabled to achieve this? Thanks.

BOE 4.1 SP5

frank35 :uk: (BOB member since 2005-08-25)

In Inboxes, top-level security, all users should have the “Full Control (Owner)” access level. This will give them access to content in their own inbox.

A problem can occur if someone manually moves a document into an inbox (i.e., using the CMC rather than using the “Send To” function). In this case, the document can retain its originally ownership.

joepeters :us: (BOB member since 2002-08-29)


I think I’m having a similar issue. I did a migration from 3.1 to 4.2 and users are not getting full control on their inboxes. The only principals are Administrators (Full Control inherited) and Everyone (Advanced Inherited).

I can add the individual’s Full Control rights to their inbox, but would rather not have to do this for all 400+ accounts. Is there a way to assign In Box rights en masse?


mike nagel (BOB member since 2005-04-18)

Hi Mike

Its not Joe speaking :smiley:

Yes, you can do that. Just follow Joes hint.

  1. Navigate to Inbox
  2. Choose Top level Security
  3. Change for the Everyone-group, so they have “Full Control (owner)”-access level.

Good luck

Bjorn :sweden: (BOB member since 2006-02-10)


I do believe that resolved my problem. Thanks! :slight_smile:

mike nagel (BOB member since 2005-04-18)