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Access Issue Question on SAP BO


Can anyone answer me this question?
If a user X is a part of two user groups named GRP_A and GRP_B. GRP_ A has access to a particular set of objects where as GRP_B does not have access to those objects, then will the user x be able to see those objects?


That depends on the security setup, but is not explicitly denied dor GRP_B the user should have access

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Not certain on the latest version but it was always the case that when a user was a member of two groups they took the most restrictive explicitly declared rights, even when inherited from a higher group.

So if you have User 1 and they are a member of Group A and Group B. If Group A have access to a folder and Group B are denied access to the same folder, User 1 will be denied. If Group B is a sub group of Group C and Group C has the folder access denied and Group B has inherited permissions, I would still expect User 1 to be denied because Group B have inherited an explicit denial from their owning group.