ABAP Warning in 4.2 SP08

In Data Services 4.2.8 (SP08) running on Windows we are getting warnings from our R/3 Dataflows that use a file located on the SAP side within ABAP programs. We did not get this warning in an earlier versions of Data Services ( Version 4.2.4 also produces the warning.

The job itself is NOT configured to run in recovery mode by default but does it anyhow. The job is run by an enterprise scheduler called “Cronacle” that runs the job through a generic web service call. I don’t believe that Cronacle is turning on recovery mode since it doesn’t do this with jobs in another repository that don’t have any R/3 Dataflows. Other R/3 Dataflows that don’t use SAP files don’t produce the warning.

Since all of our R/3 Dataflows that use files on the SAP side are producing this warning it is quite annoying and we would like to find a way to eliminate it.

eganjp :us: (BOB member since 2007-09-12)