aa_new_analytic_topbar.jsp not found

When creating a new url in BOXI 3 sp3.1 I get an error that the aa_new_analytic_topbar.jsp is not found. With the topbar missing I can’t save the analytic.

The referrer page is openLink.jsp. It creates the url using getClientContextPathForScript(pageContext, request)

The problem is we use a webseal junction and the pageContext does not contain the junction in the url.

Should be https://url/junctionName/PerformanceManagement/jsp but the openLink.jsp returns: https://url/PerformanceManagement/jsp and does not contain the junction so it is not routed to the web server and get a 404.

How do I fix this issue?

anziano_mac (BOB member since 2010-08-27)