A table called "Case"


I am going about building a universe, which is something that I have done from time-to-time since the mid 1990s.

This is my first time building on this particular MS-SQL database.

The problem I have is that one of the main tables in this database, which I cannot change, is called “Case”.

It seems that Case is a protected word. How might I get around this ?



You need to add square brackets around the table name.


But how do you get BusinessObjects to do that? Well, you could create a derived table that is just a simple select so that you can put those square brackets around the table.

I’ll have to research further to see if there are other options.

I am assuming you are using the Information Design Tool (generates .unx universes) and not the Universe Design Tool (generates .unv universes).

Within the data foundation if you right-click on a table you can specify a delimiter for that table and/or its columns. That will force double-quotes around every instance of whichever you pick.