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4.1 SP10 scheduling regression

A client of mine is testing an upgrade from 4.1 SP6 to 4.1 SP10. A single problem is causing us concern. Any user that attempts to schedule a report in their favourites can no longer choose ‘Plain Text’ as a format. Worse than this, though, they can still choose 'Comma Separated Values (CSV)" but it fails with

while trying to invoke the method of a null object returned from 

Patch 2 doesn’t make any difference. If you try the same for a Public Folder document it is absolutely fine. We’re using a supported version of Red Hat on the server, all other functionality seems fine. Via WebI both formats work fine from either HTML or Java mode.
We’ve noticed that on choosing CSV as a format whilst scheduling, the various options relating to columns delimiters etc do not appear.
Anyone tripped over this?

Nick Daniels :uk: (BOB member since 2002-08-15)

Bump. No one using 4.1 SP10 on Linux? Can anyone with any flavour of 4.1 SP10 replicate this?

Nick Daniels :uk: (BOB member since 2002-08-15)