3 queries with parameters that have the same name, but 2 prompts show up

I have three queries that all of the same parameter name (“Curr Ac Yr”).

But there are two prompts - one for 2 queries and 1 for the 3rd.

I thought if the parameters were the same name, only 1 prompt would display (and then fill each query)?

The 1st prompt has query logic of “greater than or equal to” for the “In Brigade” query, and the “Active or Lv Abs” has query logic of “less than”.

The 2nd prompt has query logic of “equal to”. (I changed to to “Less than” and it still came up as the 2nd prompt)

There are no spaces at the end …
Business Objects, 3 queries with same parameter name

You must have your prompt text the same if you want just one prompt. I think the rest of the other prompt properties need to be the same too. It looks like you have 3 prompts with the text shown in the Prompts window.

  • Curr Ac Yr (in Brigade, Active or Lv Abs)
  • Curr Ac Yr (Attrition Curr Yr)
  • Curr Ac Yr less 4

It does not matter that they all involve Curr Ac Yr, they need to have the same prompt properties.

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nscheaffer, thx!

The first two are the same parameter (coming from two queries, 1 is “Greater than or equal”, 1 is “Less than”).

The 2nd parameter is “Equal to”

All have the same properties (except the logic >=, <)

“Curr Ac Yr” should be accepted for the three queries that have it.

I even changed them all to the same logic (<) and it ended up the same.

(The 3rd parameter has a different name, I shouldn’t have included that).

I’ll play around with a test.

There HAS to be any difference between your Query-Prompt 1/2 and 3 because 1 and 2 are already combined into 1 prompt only 3 is separated (and 4 because of the different name).
If there is a correct and matchable logic in the prompts (e.g. all are single-value-inputs) they will be combined.

Pay attention to correct date-type in the source or
maybe there is a typo in prompt-name e.g. a blank space at the beginning, because this will be eliminated in the prompt-input-dialog :wink:

I would also look for hidden spaces. When in doubt, you could try re-typing the prompts to make sure they’re exactly the same.

@N8AKTIV @jmulders

very good - - - something small probably. I can test this out pretty easily now. Was just wondering if there was some limit.

Thank you!