0FI_GL_14 Extractor Delta Issue

Hi All,

We’ve been getting duplicate rows errors whenever we get the delta of 0FI_GL_14 Extractor.

What’s the correct way of designing a Data Flow for this type of Delta Extractor?

Your ideas and thoughts will be appreciated!

Rey Piad

reypiad (BOB member since 2012-03-23)

Are the duplicates within the delta itself, of is it clashing with the contents destination table ?

If its the latter, you can fix it with a table comparison. If its the former, then it either:

  1. You have the wrong keys defined, and its not really a duplicate or

  2. The extractor is returning data out of sequence. I have this issue, but only with 2LIS extractors. If this is your issue, I have no solution for you.

Leigh Kennedy :australia: (BOB member since 2012-01-17)


I am facing the same issue of duplicate entries when using extractor 0FI_GL_14 for delta load. Please let me know if you were able to fix the issue?


gaurav4jain (BOB member since 2017-02-06)