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What's wrong with this Count statement?

What’s wrong with the following count statement:

=Count(<TICKET_NUMBER> ForEach(<TICKET_NUMBER>) Where(<Query>="FMS Dispatched to Force"  And <ENTRY_TYPE>="Trouble Report" And <CREATETODISPATCH><=<SLA>))

Ticket Number is the primary Key for the table and is a Text Data Type
Query is a Text Data column
Entry Type is a Text Data Column
CreateToDispatch is a number (i.e. 1234)
SLA is a number (i.e. 1234)

When I attempt to build this I get a Syntax Error (DMB0007) and BO selects " ".

Can anyone help?

thedryden (BOB member since 2007-11-07)

Your “Where” conditions have to be a constant. This part is comparing one variable to another variable:


Note that the parts that are working are comparing a to a string in text, and those are fine. There is a work-around detailed in the Business Objects FAQ here.

Dave Rathbun :us: (BOB member since 2002-06-06)