What is the word on the street about 4.3?

Not going anytime soon, but would be interesting to see what people on BOB are saying about it.

How was the upgrade?
User adoption?

Anything else?

We did a clean install for the SAP BO 4.3 and we encountered some issues but it has been fixed with the SP’s. So far so good. We will be doing some data migration by next week onwards.
We have started in our DEV followed by STG and PRD. :grinning: :grinning:

I’d wait for 4.3 SP2, which may be released at the end of 2021, which is going to have some features bringing back what was lost due to discontinuing HTML and Java Applet mode in 4.3, and some new features.

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Do you find some weird message on Web Intelligence documents migrated to BI4.3 ?

The last one on BI4.3 SP1 after the refresh:

If you have SID account here is 2 SAP notes about this “issue”:

This message appears because the Webi processing engine has been updated for 4.3 and reports that were designed with earlier versions of Webi are not automatically updated until they’re actually edited and saved in the new version.


That’s just great. Why do they keep doing things like this? Who has the bandwidth to go through and manually update thousands of reports?


It’s time to build some tooling to help us with that ! I have created for my work some scripts to update the reports automatically. I will check if I can share that with the community.


Below of my ideas were Accepted recently, I hope to see them in 4.3 SP2, which may be released in Dec 2021, which should help us make cool interactive dashboards.


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You could write a program using the Webi RESTful Web Service SDK that will open each Webi report and save it instead of having to manually open each one. If I get the time, I might look at doing something like that and making the code available.


For Web Intelligence there is a function in the BI Administration Console that will take care of them. From my testing, it appears to work fairly well. It’s rather cumbersome so you really need to do at least 10 reports at a time to make it worthwhile. If you have a lot of reports that use the same universe though, it looks like you should be able churn through them fairly well. Our users who requested we get it working haven’t come back to us to convert any reports so I haven’t tested it with more than a couple of reports at a time.

It’s the Crystal Reports conversion that will cause us pain.

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Crystal for Enterprise or “Classic” Crystal? If it’s Classic Crystal, there is no update required to run reports. The only thing you should have to do is make sure there is a corresponding 64-bit ODBC DSN available for each of the 32-bit ODBC DSNs that were previously used.

Last fall I did a new install of 4.3 and migrated a couple thousand Classic Crystal reports from a 4.2 system for a client and didn’t have any issues running the reports in the new system.


Sorry, I should have made it more clear. The reports are “Classic” Crystal that are universe based. At some point the universes will need to be converted to UNX universes and the reports converted to Crystal Reports for Enterprise and pointed to the converted UNX universe. I know our report developers aren’t going to be happy with the work.