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Using value from user response to make the report dynamic

Hi all

First Column, first row of cross tab. (value = 5770.85)
The formula is as follows:
=<Total Units Glass(Top 20 Month)> Where (<Financial Month No(Top 20 Month)>=6 And <Fiscal Year(Top 20 Month)>=2003)

Note that the (<Financial Month No(Top 20 Month)>=6) “6”value is hard coded and
(<Fiscal Year(Top 20 Month)>=2003) “2003”value is hard coded.

This report is prompt driven, and the values “6” and “2003” in this examples are gained from the following prompts respectively:
=UserResponse (“Top 25” , “Select Financial Month eq to?”)
=UserResponse (“Top 20 Month” , “Select Previous Financial Year eq to?”)

How can I use the value from the user response listed above in the formula above to make the report dynamic, i.e. when the report is run for a different month/year combination, so that the selected values are reflected in the field.

I have tried the formula as follows, but it gives me a syntax error.

=<Total Units Glass(Top 20 Month)> Where (<Financial Month No(Top 20 Month)>= UserResponse (“Top 25” , “Select Financial Month eq to?”)) And <Fiscal Year(Top 20 Month)>= UserResponse (“Top 20 Month” , “Select Previous Financial Year eq to?”))

I have also tried to convert the “userresponse” formula to a variable, and then use that as part of the “where” statement, but that also gives me an error.

Any ideas???

Thanks in advance

bobjkb :india: (BOB member since 2004-03-19)

A) Look at this FAQ Reporter entry

B) You will have to convert UserResponse from a Character/STRING data type to a Number data type using the Business Objects Reporter function ToNumber.

Andreas :de: (BOB member since 2002-06-20)