Universe with unx extension based on an Sap BW Bex query

I make a premise to clarify what you want to achieve.
The theme is to build a universe.unx connected to a BW Bex query.
The IDT client (information Design Tool) offers the possibility to bind to a BW Bex query through an OLAP connection (bics), but then it is not possible to build any universe.
In this way any report based on the data of the Bics connection displays the same structure received from Bw Bex without the possibility of making any prior manipulation.
Even the transformation from universe.unv to universe.unx is not possible if the associated connection is Olap .

The problem we pose is whether there is a methodology that builds a universe.unx and connected to a Bw Bex query.
The ultimate goal is to build a Lumira document that is based on a universe.unx and connected to a Bw Bex query.

Information Design Tool rel 4.2 pack 8.
Lumira 2.4 sp 0

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