Transport error insufficient resources (FWM 00002)" err

Hello need help with “Transport error insufficient resources (FWM 00002)” error occurred when logging into manage servers in Central Configuration Manager (CCM)".
I have installed BO 4.2 SP7 on Windows 2016 server and started working on SSL. The import of certificate failed and I started disabling ssl in tomcat’s server.xml. After that tomcat restart I also restarted SIA but it won’t open and gave error message above.
SAP help (doc. 1730788) said to recreate SIA but this failed too. I enclose the log. What can I do???
Thanks a lot and Regards.

COVCP (BOB member since 2016-06-01)

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Marek Chladny :slovakia: (BOB member since 2003-11-27)

No idea from no one?

I still cannot log on to the server management in central management and this is now a big problem because I urgently have to fix my BO

Thanks and Regards

COVCP (BOB member since 2016-06-01)