Report with 62 columns errors out!

I have a report with 62 columns. The report takes a while to run. First page displays fine, but when I attempt to go to the second page, it gives the following error:

Report: Internal Error: the value of parameter is invalid. (Error: INF)

Does anyone has any insgihts as to what is causing this behavior? Is it because of too many columns in the report?

Thanks in advance.

don’t you use IE11? Does it appear with Chrome/FF?
Im asking becasue we had quite a bunch of issues with IE… which is still a company standard for internal apps… :frowning:

We have been getting a similar problem with large reports.

Its if you have been editing a large report for a while. Or refresh it too many times. Its so frustrating.
Each time we have to restart the server (tomcat)

We think its down to the memory assigned to java or a service. We are testing out a few things but not solved it yet.

I am wondering if it has to do something with webi processing server because the same query when executed in IDT business layer runs fine.


Have you tried to play with the memory configuration of the service ?

You may just miss some mem to display this (huge) webi report.


If you’ve BO 4.x, in Webi, on the ribbon, go to Page Setup -> Display -> and specify column as 62 or 70. Let’s us know if that helps.


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